Travel Aids

We have included a few important research tools to help you plan and organize your travels. (SCROLL DOWN for some very useful travel links, too.)

• You should always check the weather at your destination(s) so that you can pack accordingly.

• Always check the currency rate in your destination city. This isn’t an exact science, as rates can change daily. Also note that you will not get the same rate everywhere you go.

• In addition to checking your dates (twice) before planning your vacation and making reservations, you should also be aware of the time changes that will affect your travels. This is important for connecting flights, hotel reservations, other transportation logistics and any communications while away from home.



Currency Converter

World Time Zones

  Useful Travel Resources  This intuitive site organizes and compiles blogs & bloggers from every corner of the world (literally) and features extremely helpful destination information and travel tips from people in the know.  One of the best research tools to explore timely travel news, tips and guides through blogs, photos, videos and print. provides cultural profiles for several countries that include customs, social etiquette and taboos.  This website features aircraft seating maps, seat reviews and a color-coded system to find the best seats on specific airlines.

Skytrax:  Skytrax rates over 681 airlines and 725 airports based on customer reviews and surveys -- such as best/worst airplane seats, airport lounges, airplane food and airline customer service.  It sounds silly, but this website contains VERY useful information about what to do if you are “stuck” at any airport around the world due to long connections or weather delays. You can also find information about WiFi, airport lounges/hotels, restaurants, facilities and things to do at airports worldwide. And yes, it does include the best places to sleep in airports around the world.  This site was voted the best travel insurance brokerage for their ability to compare and secure the most competitive travel insurance rates online.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention:  This website maintains current guidelines about vaccinations and other health precautions/risks while travelling outside your country. There is a section called “Traveler’s Health” that I recommend you check out if you have any concerns.

The United States Bureau of Consular Affairs:  This website contains a lot of very useful information about travelling abroad. It is easy to navigate and includes information about visas, passports, travel warnings and emergency situations.

The World Health Organization:  This website contains information about infectious diseases abroad and provides country profiles and overviews.  Not sure where you want to go on vacation? This travel discovery tool helps you find destinations based on your taste, expectations, criteria and desires.